Children's Wellness Preschool & Yoga
Educational development for the whole child.
Our unique and innovative in-home preschool is designed to nurture your child’s body, mind and spirit, through creative and imaginative play, literature/story, yoga and movement, mindfulness and breathing, sensory and art as well as ample opportunities to explore nature, while preparing each child for Kindergarten. Join us and experience the difference!

Parent Comments
"My family has been blown away with the performance of the Children's Wellness Preschool.  My daughter loves it there and is so excited about learning.  I have noticed a huge difference in my daughters academic performance in a few short months.  I would defiantly recommend Children's Wellness Preschool!"  
~Parent of MWF Half Day Class

​"My child is excelling in so many ways: social, emotional, cognitive growth and development." 
~Parent of MWF Half Day Class

​"My child never wanted to play by herself.  Since starting at Children's Wellness Preschool her confidence has risen and she is able to play and explore on her own."  
~Parent of MWF Half Day Class

About Children's Wellness Preschool
Children's Wellness Preschool is a 3 STAR Great Start to Quality Program!  We are a unique home based preschool that uses a Reggio Emilia approach to curriculum to teach to each child's interest and developmental skills, while preparing each child for Kindergarten.  

It is our philosophy to provide a healthy, stress-free learning environment for children and their families.  

It is our goal to ensure a safe, nurturing atmosphere and provide children with opportunities to develop and grow intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally while preparing them for Kindergarten. 

We believe in providing children with well-balanced homemade snacks, along with ample opportunities for indoor and outdoor physical activity. We also feel that it is important to teach children to respect other’s rights, decisions, and property while maintaining respect to values and cultural differences. 

The Children's Wellness Preschool program strives to offer equal opportunities and provide families with informative resources, support groups, family activities, and opportunities to learn more about parenting, health, wellness, and nutrition. 

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